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Bank Statement and Patriot Act

This card is issued by Comerica Bank pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Obtaining Your Card: The USA PATRIOT Act is a federal law that requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to reasonably identify you. We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents at any time.

My Account FAQ
How much does it cost to sign up?

It's free to sign up and receive your PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card. Some fees for using the card may apply. See our Cardholder Agreement for more details.

Is this a credit card?

The PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card is not a credit card; it is a reloadable prepaid debit card. With PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card, you have total control of your money because you only spend the cash you load onto the card.

What do I need to apply for a PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card?

All you have to do is complete a quick online application and upon successful identification verification, we’ll send you a card. There’s no credit check required. The government does require that all customers provide their date of birth and a social security number. We’ll gather this information during the application process so your card is ready to activate when it arrives. 

Can I use a P.O. Box for my address?

To apply and receive your card, we need a physical mailing address. We cannot send a card to a P.O. Box.

I'm not a U.S. citizen. Can I still apply for a card?

Yes, as long as you are a permanent resident with a valid Social Security number.

How old do I need to be to get a card?

The minimum age to apply for a PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card is 18 years old.

How long does it take to receive my card?

After you are approved, your personalized card will be delivered to you by mail in 7-10 business days. 

Can I use my PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card right away?

When your card arrives, simply activate it and add money. Then it is ready to use. Follow the printed instructions that arrive with your card.

How much does it cost to activate?

There is no fee to activate your card.

Do I have to maintain a minimum balance on my prepaid account?

No minimal balance is required for a PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card.

Does PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card provide monthly account statements?

Yes, we provide monthly online statements free of charge.